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1. Private Lesson

One-to-one instruction and technique refinement.

40 minutes $60 

60 minutes $90

2. Consultation
Let's talk about your goals and set up a plan for a future event or anything related to your swim life.
(On Land) In Person, Phone, Online
4o minutes $50
3. Video Analysis 
Send me a video of your swimming. Side-view for 50 yards or meters is best. Above water is definitely necessary and underwater (in addition) is welcome. Have someone walk alongside you at about 8 feet with the camera - walking on the deck with the swimmer in the second lane is usually a good angle.

I will send back your video with annotations and commentary. You will also receive a written summary with 3-4 improvement areas and drills or recommendations for addressing them.
4. Training Plan
Monthly plan including initial consultation and video analysis.Weekly plan with frequency/volume/intensity details, plus two personalized workouts emailed to you each week. Unlimited email contact and periodic phone/online meetings included, along with monthly video progress checkups.
2 months $300
3 months $400

5. Workouts

Tell me your pace and your goal and I will put together a set of workouts personalized for you.

5 for $80

10 for $150

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